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Fosef is a powerful nonprofit committed to eradicating various issues affecting our youth, such as poverty, illiteracy, drugs, cultism, cybercrime, and terrorism, by harnessing the potential of sports development.

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What our beneficiaries are saying:
"Thanks to FOSEF, I found hope in the midst of despair. They don't just change lives; they rekindle the human spirit. "
Youth Empowerment

Empowering the youth

Fosef empowers youth to overcome challenges like poverty, illiteracy, and the allure of negative influences such as drugs, cultism, cybercrime, and terrorism through sports education.

Holistic Development

Fosef believes in holistic development

We believes in holistic development, using sports as a tool to nurture physical fitness, character building, and essential life skills among young individuals.

Community Engagement

We Enage with Communities

Fosef actively engages with communities to create a supportive environment for young people, fostering inclusivity and promoting the positive impact of sports on society.

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